Spring fitness

Spring weather is finally here! The sun is high and warm and a soft breeze blows fresh air through the house we can now open up. With the beautiful weather comes a renewed excitement for becoming fit and healthy again. I want healthy, glowing skin for summer and a well-toned body to fit. I have … Continue reading Spring fitness


The importance of good hydration

One thing I want people to take away from here is to DRINK MORE WATER!! It's something we hear time and time again. I used to hear it from all sorts of sources - health, fitness, nutrition, my biochemistry course, and beauty tips. But it's something I never really made a big effort to improve … Continue reading The importance of good hydration

My goals

I feel like I've been getting a little off track lately, and I think the problem is I've set myself wishy washy goals and nothing specific to attain. So I know it's already a week into April, but I should set some goals to achieve by the end of this month... 1. Interval training 3 … Continue reading My goals