A day at the dam with the dog

I’ve been going and going lately, trying to make headway on the thesis I’m writing to finish my PhD. Today I forced myself away from both the desk and laboratory and enjoyed nature instead.

Once again, I headed to the little oasis we’ve created on our property around the larger dam which I’ve previously posted about here.

I’m going to put it out there that I don’t like dogs. Like, at all. I know that fact will upset some of you but it is a truth people around me have had to accept! However, my parents are away right now so some dog-time is necessary.

George is only 6 months old so he bounds around with so much energy. He’s very destructive around the house and garden right now and the best way to prevent a lot of this damage is to run it out of him.

So I brought him down to the dam with me and kicked his kong around for about half an hour. He went swimming in the dam and for about another half hour I sat in silence watching and listening to nature while George wandered and fossicked in the long grass and among the shrubs.

It rained a bit over the last few days but today was sunny and nice, so everything was fresh and still damp. I let the fresh air touch my make-up free face (I’ve been trying to go make-up free a bit more lately, but it’s something I don’t usually do often).

George wasn’t so bad after all. I guess dogs are ok to run with but I don’t like physical contact with them. I’m really not sure why!

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