Plastic-free July!

Yesterday I signed up for Plastic-Free July! It’s a campaign from Western Australia challenging participants to go plastic-free for the whole month of July. The link to the website for Plastic-Free July is here or you can like their Facebook page here for more info.

I encourage you to sign up and take on the challenge too! You can choose when you sign up if you’re going to go completely plastic-free or refuse single-use plastic. I have chosen the latter – I am still using plastic containers and bottles that are reusable in my home but I’m going to use as little packaging plastic as possible.

Challenges I’ve already identified are lining my bin (which they suggest using newspaper for) and so many vegetables come pre-wrapped in plastic (including my staple frozen veggies…).

The main aim of trying to go plastic-free for a month is to make you more aware of how much you’re using plastic everyday. Too often I use plastic without even thinking. By the end of this month, hopefully some bad habits will be broken and I’ll be able to make conscious decisions about purchasing and using plastic.

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