Morning routines and achieving more in your day

Taking small steps toward your goals and values every morning goes a very long way to making you a successful person. It’s not just using your mornings effectively that builds this success but the mind-frame it sets you in for the rest of the day. I find achieving several things before I even get to work makes me feel great, giving me higher incentive to keep it going throughout the day. I find it energising.

Here is a breakdown of a typical morning for me:

6.30 – 7.00 my dawn simulator (light box) gradually lightens up the room. I normally wake around 6.40, so I turn the light right up to 10,000 lux then and start my bright light therapy.

While my light box is on between 6.40 – 7.10 I go over my blog comments from overnight and read and comment on a few posts from the WordPress reader. This is important networking time for my blog.

7.10 – 7.30 morning yoga routine. Doing even the smallest amount of yoga in the morning wakes my body up and stretches it out in preparation for the day.

7.30 – 7.45 getting dressed, makeup etc. ready for work. Make-up is like a form of self-care for me, I enjoy it and it’s like getting a bit of ‘me’ time in the morning. Here is a tutorial for my quick and easy everyday make-up.

7.45 – 7.55 I uncover my birds, feed them and give them a cuddle before leaving for the bus.

My bus trip into town every day is an hour long, so there is plenty of time to get some small things done! I used to waste this entire trip back and forth everyday but I’m achieving so much more now. Even if I don’t do half the other things in the morning I am more successful just by using this bus time effectively than a lot of other people.

I usually use the minutes while I’m waiting for the bus to learn German with an app on my phone. I then spend half the bus trip learning German and the other half writing blog posts or browsing the WordPress reader.

As you can see, before I arrive at work I’ve already:

  • done half an hour of bright light therapy for my bipolar disorder which has a seasonal pattern
  • done some physical activity (yoga)
  • centred/grounded myself (yoga)
  • Learned German for half an hour
  • Spent 1 hour on my blog (half networking, half researching and writing)

All this was achieved despite having a long commute to work. I stopped making excuses for myself a few months ago and now I’m reaping the benefits. By talking yourself out of doing small things in the morning you are only cheating yourself.

All of this is much easier to achieve if you are eating healthy and sleeping well. Obviously when I have a depressive episode all of this goes out the window, but trying to stick to this routine as much as possible helps.

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