Bright purple eye make-up

This look is definitely one of my personal favourites. There’s nothing I love more than bold purple eyeshadow hues to offset my green eyes!

It’s perfect for warming and brightening up your face during the day in winter, or as a fresh and fun look for a night out.

I found these pictures I took a couple of years ago and decided I had to re-create the look now to show you how I do it!

Today it was a little brighter and pinker, but I love it!

I created this make-up look using the Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Pallette.

The other tools and products I used are here. Rimmel black mascara, BYS black gel eyeliner pot, medium brush for blending, angled brush for applying gel eyeliner, sponge tip eyeshadow applicators, Maybelline lipstick in Rum Riche #280 and BYS Make-up Setting Spray in matte.

Tip: Normally I like using brushes to apply eyeshadow but I find the old sponge tip applicators to be much better for shimmery and glittery eyeshadows. With brushes, the glitter seems to get lost in the brush or sprinkled down your face, but the sponge tips are more precise and keep the colour solid.

  1. Start by applying a shimmery bright pink eyeshadow to the outer middle section of your eyelid as shown here. You want to create a rough triangular shape with longest point going into your lashes and the rest of the triangle spanning out into your crease.
  2. Apply a dark purple-blue to the outer corner of your eye and along your outer lashline until it meets and overlaps slightly with the pink. Brush some underneath the outer half of your bottom lid too.
  3. Use a shimmery pale blue over the whole inner half of your eyelid and swipe some under the inner half of your lower lid.
  4. Blend! Blend! Use a clean medium-sized brush to blend the colours together across your eyelid, focusing on the edges where the colours meet and the outer edge of your eye blending into your foundation.
  5. Blending is important to get a beautiful seamless shift through the colours on your eyelid, but afterward some of the colours may have lost their oomph. Reapply a little of the dark blue in the outer corner of your eyelid and crease, and touch up the pale shimmery blue highlighting the inner corner of your eye.
  6. Use an angled brush to apply gel black eyeliner. Blend it into your lashline and change the angle of your brush to thicken the line on the outer half of your eye and create a winged look.
  7. Neaten and define your eyebrows with brow mascara.
  8. Apply black mascara to both your upper and lower lashes (if you like to curl them, do that first).
  9. Set it all with a light mist of make-up setting spray and you’re set to go! (pun intended)
  10. And this is the finished look!

Have a bright week!

Kerrie xx


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