Everyday natural eye make-up look!

This everyday minimal look is super easy and quick to apply. It suits any eye colour and complexion and is fresh and perfect for keeping your image professional and neat for work!

I’ve used my Coastal Scents 88-color Warm Palette (the whole palette is only US$11.95! Online store here) but you can re-create the look with any natural brown-coloured eye shadow palette. You just need three colours – light or nude, medium-dark and very dark browns. I’ve circled the colours I’ve used here – you can see I use this look a LOT!

You don’t need to use anything too special or expensive! Today I’ve used a series of cheap, soft make-up brushes (I once bought an entire set of 20 or-so on e-bay for $10), BYS make-up setting spray (BYS is the cheap homebrand make-up line by K-mart, Australia; AU$10), W7 It’s Brown mascara (AU$4.99), BYS Brow Tint in dark brown (I forget how much it cost but under $10) and Rimmel Oh My Gloss lip gloss in Snog (AU$9.69).


  1. Apply a light or nude colour to the inner half of your eyelid with a medium-sized brush using circular motions. (Refer to the picture of my palette above – I’ve used the light brown circled on the left)
  2. Use a smaller brush to apply medium-dark brown to the outer half of your eyelid focusing on the crease and outer corner. Also swipe some on the outer two-thirds of your lower lid and blend this up into the eyeshadow on your upper lid. (On my palette this is the medium-dark brown circled on the middle right). 
  3. Use a clean, medium brush to gently blend the outer edges of the dark eyeshadow on the upper lid and above the crease to avoid any harsh lines.
  4. Use a thin, flat brush to carefully blend some very dark black-brown eyeshadow into the lashline on the upper lid, making your lashes appear fuller! (On the picture of my palette the colour I use for lining is the dark black-drown circled on the bottom right). 
  5. Some people like to use make-up setting spray only at the end, but I like to lightly mist my face with some setting spray after finishing the eyeshadow before I start my brows. The reason is if I make a mistake while applying my brow or lash mascaras, it’s much easier to wipe off the mascara without disturbing the eyeshadow too much underneath. My favourite is BYS Make-up Setting Spray in Matte.
  6. After setting my foundation and eyeshadow, I use BYS brow mascara to define and darken my brows. Apply this very lightly! I hold the brush parallel to my brow hairs and swipe across them lightly in small strokes from the inside out, following the natural direction of hair growth. Don’t push hard against your skin! The idea is to colour your hairs and not so much the skin to keep it looking as natural as possible. If the wand seems to be overloaded with mascara, wipe a little bit off on a scrap piece of paper first.
  7. Spray a second, light mist of make-up setting spray over your brows to keep the colour in place and finish the look by apply 1-2 coats of mascara. I prefer to use brown mascara for this look because it’s softer and more natural than black. Make sure you coat your lower lashes too!
  8. If you accidentally get any mascara on your skin, carefully wipe it off with a clean cotton bud. Again, this is much easier if you have previously set the eyeshadow with make-up setting spray before applying mascara!

The finished look!


2 thoughts on “Everyday natural eye make-up look!

  1. noirerewritten says:

    This is so beautifully natural. I definitely want to come up with a look like this for myself. Thanks for sharing! This post was completely appreciated. Following your blog to keep up with your future posts!
    Stop by sometime!
noirerewritten.com ✨

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