Raw cacao vs cocoa

Super-rich in antioxidants, raw cacao is an excellent substitute for cocoa and a delicious addition to your healthy diet! Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago on the difference between raw cacao and generic cocoa…

Nourish My Life

raw-cacao-powder-e-bigAfter hearing so much about the benefits of raw cacao powder I decided to try some a few days ago. I forked out the $$ for some organic raw cacao powder and made myself a hot chocolate with it, with a little cinnamon.

From what I’d heard it was going to be very bitter and an acquired taste, so I braced myself for the first sip… and found it delicious! In fact, I thought it tasted exactly like I’d made a hot chocolate with cocoa powder (i.e. not the drinking chocolate you buy which has added sugars etc.).

So I began to wonder, just how different is raw cacao powder from unsweetened cocoa powder, given that they are both derived from the same fruit?

I did a bit of searching and here’s what I found (if you don’t want to read the whole article, skip to my summary section at…

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