Mindful morning walk across my farm

A perfect day has just sprung here on our farm. Late autumn morning sun is warming my skin and the paddocks are green after recent rains.

I’ve just taken a beautiful mindful wander across the dewy grass up and down the hills where the cows are already grazing.


My sister’s horse greeted me and was clearly annoyed about my empty pockets. I felt a little guilty for not bringing him a carrot! He gave me a hug with his neck anyway (I just love the unconditional love animals provide!) and let me pat his soft muzzle.

My family is revegetating around the dam and it’s created a stunning reserve on our property where each of us likes to go sometimes to get away from the usual bustle of life. Young trees are flourishing and the splendid bird life fills the morning air with beautiful native calls. The screeches of a pair of cockatoos echo across the valley the dam is nested in, but the sound is a welcome one. All around me there is so much life!

I sit on a rock beside the water and close my eyes, aware of every noise around me. A magpie’s beautiful dawn song, water quietly lapping the rock near my feet, splashing ducks having a small scuffle on the water, rustling grass as a flock of ducks nearby forages for beetles and snails, the distant bellow of a cow over the hill…


Ducks have begun building a nest on this old stump overhanging the water. I can’t wait to watch them lay hatch and grow another clutch of fluffy ducklings!


All my readers, I wish you a happy day!


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