Beautiful foggy morning

This morning when I woke up there was a beautiful thick fog over everything. It’s autumn here in South Australia and the warm, sunny weather seems to be clinging on, so the odd foggy or crispy morning has been a delight. Not looking forward to winter though. I’m a summer person through and through. Winter is just so dark and cold and miserable. I find it really hard to be motivated to do anything at all in winter except eat.


Fog on the farm

This winter will be different, because I am making myself keep up the active lifestyle which will definitely make me much happier everyday.

Last winter, although I was stuck inside or on a bus all day every day, it was probably the happiest winter I’ve had in a long time. Probably a lot of it was because I was busy and loving the cancer research I was doing in the lab. The other reason was I made a conscious effort to surround myself with colour, because light and colour have a massive impact on my mood. I went through so many candles and melts and had autumn-coloured pictures everywhere, my hair was bright red (and still is) which brightened every morning, and I continued to go for a walk every lunch break.

So a beautiful, foggy morning (which wasn’t cold by the way) has turned into a bright, sunny day, 28 degrees C. Best weather ever!


Visiting my miniature shetland ponies on this beautiful foggy morning!

bob in fog

Bob in the thick fog

Another thing I’m really happy about is ‘daylight savings’ has finally ended over the weekend and our clocks were put back one hour. So I got an extra hour of weekendness and it’s now much lighter in the mornings. I hate getting up in the dark, and I’m enjoying the brighter mornings even though I will be getting up in the dark again soon because the days are just shortening so rapidly.

Now it’s just the perfect point in time when the days have just the right number of hours of sunlight, the weather is warm and sunny but not stifling like the Aussie summer, and mornings are starting to get a little fresher. Not cold yet, I was still warm enough without a jumper in the fog this morning 🙂


Fog on the farm


I thought I’d just share how much I’m loving nature and the weather and things, as I always do. Take a moment to appreciate the weather in all it’s awesomeness, whatever the weather is like where you are. Weather is simply incredible!

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