My goals

I feel like I’ve been getting a little off track lately, and I think the problem is I’ve set myself wishy washy goals and nothing specific to attain.

So I know it’s already a week into April, but I should set some goals to achieve by the end of this month…

1. Interval training 3 times per week.

I noted in my last post that I have just started interval training and I’m using the Women’s Health beginner’s running plan (, which means my plan is as follows:

Week 1: 2 mins running, 2 mins power walking, 7 times (28 mins total) 3 times per week.
Week 2: 3 mins running, 1 min power walking, 7 times per week (28 mins total) 3 times per week.
Week 3: 4 mins running, 1 min power walking, 6 times (30 mins total) 3 times per week.
Week 4: 5 mins running, 30 secs power walking, 6 times (33 mins total) 3 times per week.

My goal is to complete this plan by the end of my fourth week by the end of this month (I’m almost done week 1). (This is a specific to working towards my long-term ‘get fit’ goal).

2. 30 mins of yoga 3 times per week.

I started with yoga as my only workout recently and I was doing it 6 times per week for 2 weeks. Since I’ve started running as well, my yoga has almost stopped but I’d like to aim to do it 3 times per week. This is working towards my goal of being more flexible.

3. Eating 3 different vegetables at every lunch and dinner.

I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about not sticking to a completely healthy diet, but I have actually been doing well as far as this goal goes (well, the slightly broader ‘eat more vegetables’ goal), which is the one I have in my head at the moment. I know I can’t change my whole diet overnight, but increasing the amount of healthy food I’m taking in to begin with has been a good start. My breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacking habits have changed completely of late (with the exception of some dinners). Even when I have unhealthy foods I have managed to ensure I take in lots of vegetables with them, which is the main idea of my healthy lifestyle personal challenge anyway.

So I’d like to continue with this goal for the rest of this month, because I feel like it is just starting to sink in as habit and would like really enforce it as a true habit before making more changes. (This is a more specific goal for my ‘eating more healthily’ long-term goal).

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