Food and fitness – April 4th

I’ve started to fall off the healthy eating bandwagon quite a lot lately so I’m going to start posting what I eat as often as I can because seeing what I’ve eaten in writing gives me much more incentive to choose healthier meals and snacks. I hold myself more accountable.

Today I ate:

Breakfast: Sultana bran with lite milk, coffee
Snacks: Banana, about 1 cup of white grapes, 1 handful of Coles trail mix, 1 slice of wholegrain bread with peanut butter (containing no added sugar or salt), coffee
Lunch: Wholegrain sandwich with a very small amount of chilli chutney, tuna, baby spinach and beetroot. Coffee.
Snacks: Wholegrainbiscuits with camembert and cranberry sauce (it was a gift! so much salt and saturated fat, I know!). Handful Coles trail mix.
Dinner: Spinach, carrot, apple, cucumber and lemon juice salad


Lunch: tuna, beetroot, spinach and chilli chutney on wholegrain bread

There wasn’t much in the house so I really through together some random things for a salad. I grated the apple and carrot (both with skins on) and quartered cucumber slices, added a handful of baby spinach and squeezed some lemon juice into it.


Dinner: Spinach, cucumber, apple, carrot and lemon juice salad

I also started running again today. I went for a 30 min power walk with Mum, then stretched for 10 mins, then I did some interval training; running 2 mins then power walking for 2 min, repeated 7 times (28 mins total) on hilly terrain, then did another 10 min stretching.

Running is something I used to love and I’ve tried several times to get fit again and do it but I always get discouraged when I’m not what I used to be. Cardio is hard when you’re starting out, but I’m starting a 4 week plan where I do my interval training 3 days a week. Each week I increase the running time and decrease the power walking time.

I found this morning’s workout good. I felt energized throughout it and found I was just starting to find it hard to breathe by the time it was time to power walk again, and doing it on slopes was challenging. It was enough of a workout to make me feel good and look forward to doing it again and improving. That’s what I wanted. I didn’t want to push myself so hard I put myself off again like I always do, but I wanted to feel it.

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