After-Easter Detox

If you’re like most people out there (including myself) you may have over-indulged a little over the Easter long weekend. I admit I was lazy when it came to meals over the weekend, and while I actually didn’t binge too much on chocolate, I definitely overdid it on the hot cross buns though. Toasted hot cross buns with butter… not terribly healthy but irresistible!

While I say I didn’t overdo it on chocolate, this is what chocolate I did eat over the weekend:
– Shared 1 x milk and 1 x dark chocolate egg with my boyfriend
– 1 cadbury creme egg
– 2 rows of dairy milk chocolate

Not to mention I feel like I just sat around and did nothing at all. My activity wasn’t terrible, I did go on two walks of about an hour each over the weekend as well as one half-hour session of yoga and a short 15-min jog/fast walk.

But I did feel tired and bloated with my overconsumption of delicious buns and chocolate, and I’d like to recover from my weekend and set my body up for a healthy week.

Here’s what I’m doing to cleanse my body:

1. Drink plenty of water.

I’m making sure I drink about 2 litres of water today to flush out all the toxins from the high sugar and saturated fat intake over the weekend from all that chocolate, ice cream and hot cross buns (yes, I didn’t mention before but I did pig out on ice cream too…).

Drinking lots of water makes me feel more refreshed, energetic and ‘clean’. I find I’m more likely to choose healthier meals and snacks if I’ve been drinking water compared to when I’ve had coffee or am a bit dehydrated. So water not only helps me flush out the bad I took in over the weekend, but helps me reset and stick to a healthier plan from now.

2. Burn some calories.

Although I’m very lucky and that Easter binge won’t haunt my hips or bum, I like to exercise more for the higher calorie intake I consumed anyway. Also, if you’re not abnormal like me and excess calories do make you gain weight, you will definitely want to do some cardio, strength training or both to burn those Easter eggs and hot cross buns off.

I’m just coming back into cardio after many years, so I know my workout is not the most challenging one around but this afternoon I am going for a bit of high intensity interval training on the roads around home; 2 mins of high intensity running, then 2 mins of power walking for recovery, repeated 7 times (28 mins) plus warm-up and cool-down time.

3. Release tension.

I feel like I did a lot of sitting around over the weekend so this morning I stretched out all the muscles in my body and released built-up tension with about half an hour of yoga at home.

Make sure you concentrate on your breathing while practising yoga to get the most out of each pose; releasing inner tension, calming the mind and getting lots of oxygen around your body to refreshen and awaken yourself, as well as optimising your body’s natural toxin-eliminating processes.

Also, after eating lunch I just sat, closed my eyes for a bit and breathed. I concentrated on deep, even breaths for calming and relaxation. Meditation and deep breathing help to relieve stress and make you more able to solve problems and be more productive at work, so it’s something you should do every day during your break.

4. Sleep.

I slept badly on the weekend, and my usual routine was disrupted. I went to bed later and got up later, even last night I went to bed late and it was much harder to get out of bed this morning.

Getting a good amount of quality sleep is really important for optimal metabolism, energy and brain function. I’m much more likely to eat sugary foods when I haven’t had enough sleep, or to eat a quick unhealthy meal when I’m feeling too tired to bother chopping veggies.

So I’m making an effort tonight to go to bed earlier and get a good amount of sleep. After a few late nights I might have to do some meditation or light reading before going to bed to help me sleep, and I’ll have to make sure I don’t have dinner too late because it’s always difficult to go to bed and sleep well with a belly full of food.

Also, as an aside… now that Easter’s over there will be lots of eggs and chocolates on sale… DON’T BUY THEM!!

We’ve had our little binge over Easter and now it’s time to get our bodies clean, healthy and happy again. Continuing to eat eggs creates a habit and desire to keep eating chocolate and sugary sweets.

Just avoid the confectionery section altogether. I know I just don’t even go down that aisle in the supermarket anymore because while I’ve generally broken my chocolate cravings, as soon as I start looking at that section I start to want just a little bit and I know when I have a little bit I just want more and more.

I enjoy the energy I have on a clean diet, and sugar cravings are such a difficult habit to break, I just don’t want to fall into the habit again because it ultimately makes me feel terrible.

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