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Raw cacao vs cocoa

After hearing so much about the benefits of raw cacao powder I decided to try some a few days ago. I forked out the $$ for some organic raw cacao powder and made myself a hot chocolate with it, with … Continue reading

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Beautiful foggy morning

This morning when I woke up there was a beautiful thick fog over everything. It’s autumn here in South Australia and the warm, sunny weather seems to be clinging on, so the odd foggy or crispy morning has been a … Continue reading

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My goals

I feel like I’ve been getting a little off track lately, and I think the problem is I’ve set myself wishy washy goals and nothing specific to attain. So I know it’s already a week into April, but I should … Continue reading

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Food and fitness – April 4th

I’ve started to fall off the healthy eating bandwagon quite a lot lately so I’m going to start posting what I eat as often as I can because seeing what I’ve eaten in writing gives me much more incentive to … Continue reading

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After-Easter Detox

If you’re like most people out there (including myself) you may have over-indulged a little over the Easter long weekend. I admit I was lazy when it came to meals over the weekend, and while I actually didn’t binge too … Continue reading

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