Yoga at home

About two weeks ago I started doing yoga at home. I can’t afford classes in anything or a gym membership at the moment (never been to a gym in my life, although it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and will when I’m a bit more cashed up again).


I’ve been using to do yoga at home.

Yoga is something I’ve thought about doing for the last five years, but have always found excuses, mostly money, time and the old ‘I’m not flexible enough to do yoga’. But I decided recently, isn’t that the whole point? For me anyway, yoga is about relieving stress and improving balance and flexibility. Flexibility is something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time because I’m pretty bad!

To me, yoga is the absolute pinnacle of physical and spiritual health. Just thinking about doing yoga makes me feel energized, like taking a deep breath and expelling all the weight off your shoulders. I feel like I’m meditating the whole time I’m working out, getting rid of negativity and stress while getting the blood flowing to all parts of my body, working muscles from head to toe and getting a good, deep breathing rhythm happening.

The brilliant thing is I haven’t had to fork out a cent, but I’m already reaping the benefits! You can download yoga workouts from the youtube and yoga websites. I’ve only been doing it for almost two weeks and I can’t believe what a workout it can be! I’m absolutely LOVING it! It’s not cardio, but I certainly feel like I’m being worked! I get to stretch out muscles all over my body and struggle all over my floor with the different poses.

My balance is absolutely woeful, but I’ve already begun to see an improvement in the poses I have been working on. I’ve been using and practising different poses as well as doing some of their videos everyday. Although I seriously can NOT do the balancing series, this is something I am personally going to work towards. At the moment I am mostly doing the gentle, warrior and power flows, and sun salutation B. After doing these flows a couple of times and then focusing on a few poses I’m a bit weak with every day I’m left sweating but totally motivated and energized.

I do my yoga in the morning before breakfast, because it is best done on an empty stomach and I find making it a priority at the start of each day makes me much more likely to keep it up. I also find it’s best when I do a very quick jog or power walk beforehand (just 5-10 mins) to warm everything up before I stretch and then start my session.

I would still like to go to yoga classes in the future, but I just can’t do it financially now. At the same time I kind of feel like I’m preparing myself for classes, learning the basic poses so I can get the most out of classes when I eventually do start.

One thing I have found to be very beneficial is doing my yoga in front of a mirror because I can quickly check how I’m doing the poses compared to my video or picture references, and that I’m not doing something very wrong or potentially harmful. This is the biggest reason I would like to do yoga with an instructor one day.

I am determined to keep this up and continue improving my flexibility, core strength and balance. Any beginner tips would be wonderful!

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