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Yoga at home

About two weeks ago I started doing yoga at home. I can’t afford classes in anything or a gym membership at the moment (never been to a gym in my life, although it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and … Continue reading

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Balancing my diet

I’ve been busy these last few days, but I decided to log my nutrient intake for one day to see how far off my current diet is from being balanced. I have made some changes recently and have started eating … Continue reading

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Attempt at healthy oat muffins

I decided today to make some healthy muffins to keep as treats when I want a quick snack. I hate cooking. That’s where this healthy eating becomes a challenge for me. I love eating fresh, healthy food but I have … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm for healthier food choices

A hint for being more motivated to choose healthier eating options: If you are eating a salad because “this has no fat” then you are subconsciously thinking about the ‘naughty’ foods you are missing out on. Instead, think about the … Continue reading

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